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Consulting Arborist & Tree Inspections

Whatever your requirements, Wye Valley Tree Services will work hard to identify them and help you achieve your goal with a quality, efficient service.


We provide tree surveys for:

• Planning Applications – to BS5837

• Home buyers, sellers, mortgages

• Hazard Assessments

• Health and Safety

• Insurance


It is essential that all tree inspections are carried out by qualified and experienced Arborists – Wye Valley Tree Services can assure you of a quality service delivered by highly qualified professionals. All the obligations and liabilities of the client will be highlighted within the relevant legal frameworks. 

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Surveys for Planning Applications (BS5837)

Wye Valley Tree Services is experienced in dealing with planning applications for building development in close proximity to trees, whether it be for a small domestic extension or a large housing or commercial development.

BS 5837 (Trees in Relation to Construction) provides solutions for arboriculturists, planning officers, builders and architects when dealing with construction.  All our reports are produced in accordance with BS5837 and provide the client with the information required to accompany a planning application, along with guidance on those trees appropriate for retention, how to protect them during development and guidance on integrating them into the finished landscape.   All trees on or near the development site will be considered by the planning authority when making decisions on planning applications. 


The survey provides the following information:

• The quality and value of each tree.

• Tree schedule, including age, species, dimensions, condition, defects, positions, recommendations, etc.

• Tree constraints plan, detailing tree positions, crown spread, retention category, root protection areas (RPA).


Further surveys that can accompany the BS5837 are:

Arboricultural Impact Assessment – provides all interested parties with details of the potential impact the proposed development may have on existing trees. The assessment includes details on boundaries, soil, and foundations.

Tree Protection Plan – highlights areas where particular attention is needed to protect the trees in question, such as fencing and protection from underground services, etc.

Arboricultural Method Statement – the local authority may request an Arboricultural Method Statement which details how trees will be protected during the actual construction process.  The statement may cover issues such as the movement of heavy construction machinery and the problems of soil compaction, hazardous materials, storage of machinery on site and the siting of toilets etc for construction workers. 

Tree Reports for Home Buyers, Mortgages and Insurance

Mortgage companies may require a tree survey prior to approving a loan to a home buyer.  Wye Valley Tree Services will provide you with a homeowner’s tree survey which will detail the level of risk trees and shrubs may have on the structure of the property in question.  The survey includes information on potential damage caused by roots or branches, potential damage to property or persons caused by falling trees, tree preservation order and conservation order constraints and subsidence of soils caused by vegetation. 

We will provide solutions to ensure that the purchase of the property can progress as quickly as possible. 

Tree Hazard Assessment Reports

Under the Occupiers Liability Acts 1957 and 1984, the occupier of a site has a duty of care to take precautions to minimise risks to people and property resulting from the trees on their site.  The 1984 Act further extends this duty to people  other than lawful visitors, eg trespassers.    Where damage is caused to a person or property, the owner of the tree is liable and therefore must be able to demonstrate that sufficient tree inspections have been undertaken, especially where trees are situated by the road.

For commercial property owners, a system for managing trees needs to be introduced and this should meet the requirements set out in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the associated ACoP. 


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Public Liability Insurance cover of £5,000,000


Professional Indemnity cover of £500,000


Employers Liability Insurance of £10,000,000


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